PNW HEMA Gathering 2014

August 8
United States

Tournament stats

Division Number of fights Number of fighters
Mixed Steel Longsword 36 17
Women's Steel Longsword 26 10
Mixed Steel Arming Sword & Buckler 24 12
Mixed Nylon Longsword 24 12
Mixed Singlestick 49 22

Fighters in event

Jimmy Norris
Anton Stefanac
Sean Franklin
Erik Bailey
Gregory Temorcioglu
Christine Nombrado
Allen Mudrovcic
Tony Huang Black Tigers
Nicole Smith Blood and Iron Martial Arts
Samantha Campbell Blood and Iron Martial Arts
Stephen Kime Blood and Iron Martial Arts
Steve Wittmann Blood and Iron Martial Arts
Lee Smith Blood and Iron Martial Arts
Kevin Monkhouse Blood and Iron Martial Arts
Casey Por Blood and Iron Martial Arts
Frank Curwood Blood and Iron Martial Arts
Katrina Rempel Blood and Iron Martial Arts
Seth Fleming-Alho Blood and Iron Martial Arts
Eric Artzt Lonin League
Adam Ritz Okanagan Combat Guild
Ksenia Kozhevnikova The Historical Combat Collective
Robert Balchunas The Historical Combat Collective
Jesse Tucker The Historical Combat Collective
Danny Miller The Historical Combat Collective
Julian Schuetze The Historical Combat Collective
Ilkka Hartikainen EHMS
Annina Ruokonen Historisch Vrijvechten Nederland
Roberto Martinez-Loyo Elite Fencing Club
Matthys Kool Historisch Vrijvechten Nederland
Keith Farrell Liverpool HEMA
James Auger
Sam Street
Stew Feil
Brian Hughes
Zachary Amsden Drei Wunder Wma
Jordan Thompson Eastside Fechtverein HEMA
Tim Duefrane Grit-City Historical European Martial Arts
Joseph Brassey Grit-City Historical European Martial Arts
Amanda Trail Iron Crown Kunst des Fechtens
Victoria Andrade McKeehan Kron Martial Arts
Kyle Griswold Mordhau Historical Combat
Rebecca Boyd Second Intent Fencing
RJ McKeehan SoCal Swords
Kristen Argyle True Edge Academy of Swordsmanship


This lists the full outcomes in each of the tournaments at the event.

StageFighter 1Fighter 2Fighter 1 resultFighter 2 result
Ksenia Kozhevnikova Erik Bailey WIN LOSS
Tim Duefrane Allen Mudrovcic LOSS WIN
Ksenia Kozhevnikova Tim Duefrane LOSS WIN
Allen Mudrovcic Ksenia Kozhevnikova WIN LOSS
Erik Bailey Allen Mudrovcic WIN LOSS
Tim Duefrane Erik Bailey LOSS WIN
Keith Farrell Joseph Brassey WIN LOSS
Stephen Kime Kevin Monkhouse WIN LOSS
Jimmy Norris Joseph Brassey LOSS WIN
Kevin Monkhouse Joseph Brassey WIN LOSS
Keith Farrell Kevin Monkhouse WIN LOSS
Stephen Kime Keith Farrell LOSS WIN
Jimmy Norris Stephen Kime LOSS WIN
Kevin Monkhouse Jimmy Norris WIN LOSS
Stephen Kime Joseph Brassey WIN LOSS
Keith Farrell Jimmy Norris WIN LOSS
Roberto Martinez-Loyo Anton Stefanac LOSS WIN
Frank Curwood Matthys Kool LOSS WIN
Anton Stefanac Tony Huang WIN LOSS
Matthys Kool Anton Stefanac WIN LOSS
Roberto Martinez-Loyo Matthys Kool LOSS WIN
Frank Curwood Roberto Martinez-Loyo WIN LOSS
Tony Huang Frank Curwood WIN LOSS
Matthys Kool Tony Huang LOSS WIN
Anton Stefanac Frank Curwood LOSS WIN
Roberto Martinez-Loyo Tony Huang LOSS WIN
Julian Schuetze Adam Ritz WIN LOSS
Samantha Campbell Gregory Temorcioglu LOSS WIN
Adam Ritz Ilkka Hartikainen LOSS WIN
Adam Ritz Gregory Temorcioglu LOSS WIN
Julian Schuetze Gregory Temorcioglu WIN LOSS
Samantha Campbell Julian Schuetze WIN LOSS
Ilkka Hartikainen Samantha Campbell WIN LOSS
Gregory Temorcioglu Ilkka Hartikainen WIN LOSS
Samantha Campbell Adam Ritz WIN LOSS
Julian Schuetze Ilkka Hartikainen LOSS WIN
Robert Balchunas Zachary Amsden WIN LOSS
Seth Fleming-Alho Zachary Amsden WIN LOSS
Robert Balchunas Seth Fleming-Alho WIN LOSS
Anton Stefanac Allen Mudrovcic LOSS WIN
Robert Balchunas Allen Mudrovcic WIN LOSS
Matthys Kool Ilkka Hartikainen WIN LOSS
Robert Balchunas Matthys Kool LOSS WIN
Samantha Campbell Stephen Kime LOSS WIN
Keith Farrell Stephen Kime LOSS WIN
Erik Bailey Tony Huang WIN LOSS
Stephen Kime Erik Bailey WIN LOSS
Robert Balchunas Erik Bailey WIN LOSS
Matthys Kool Stephen Kime WIN LOSS

Rating outcomes

This shows how the fighters' ratings changed in the month of the event.

Note: If someone competed in multiple events this month their rating changes will reflect their performance in all those events, not just PNW HEMA Gathering 2014